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21 enero 2007


Lo que en un principio fue una mala traducción del Japonés al Inglés del juego Zero Wing de la ya "desaparecida" Megadrive de SEGA, se convirtió con el tiempo en toda una leyenda.

Lo que esconden estas siglas es la frase:

"All your base are belong to us"

O lo que es lo mismo pero en español:

"Toda tu base son nos pertenecen"

Realmente, lo que se quería decir es algo como "La base está bajo nuestro control" o algo similar. Por lo que he leido, a este tipo de error se le conoce por "Engrish".

El caso es que este error creo que le ha dado más fama al juego de lo que uno cree, e inclusive hay camisetas, chapas, tazas y multitud de merchandising dedicado a este tema.

En Youtube hay un divertido video en el que "juegan" con la frase incluyéndola en muchos sitios, acompañado de una música machacona.

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  • Apariciones de AYBABTU en los distintos juegos:

    Video Games

    * In Need for Speed Carbon, a reward card titled "All Your Base" is given if all the safe houses in the game are unlocked.
    * In the third case in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, it is revealed that the Steel Samurai's motto is "For Great Justice." Maya later repeats the phrase in the sequel Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All
    * In the game Rome: Total War, an Egyptian diplomat states "Pharaoh says "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" when demanding protectorate status.
    * In Capcom's cult classic Gotcha Force, when one of Met's borgs blows up, he sometimes exclaims "What happen?!".
    * In the game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion pack, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the cheat code “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” leads to automatic victory and “Somebody Set Up Us The Bomb” leads to automatic defeat.
    * In the game Empire Earth, if you type in the cheat "All your base are belong to us," all of your resources increase by 100,000.
    * In the game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 when playing online if you get "slapped" sometimes it will say "[player who got slapped]'s base all belong to [slapper's name]".
    * In Civilization III, a defeated player is mocked and jeered by the leaders of his opposing civilizations, and one of the random taunts is "All Your Base Are Belong To Us!"
    * In the game Rampage: Total Destruction, there are at least 2 signs with the phrase "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" on them.
    * In MegaMan Battle Network for Game Boy Advance has a program in the game designed to mimick CATS. It states, "All your base are belong to us!!"
    * In the game Aliens versus Predator 2, the phrase appeared on screen momentarily during multiplayer matches when the player died and respawned
    * Counter-Strike servers with AMX mod spawn the message "[player's name] set up us the bomb!" whenever someone plants a bomb and they also show the massage "All you heads are belong to us" when someone gets a headshot.
    * In the MMORPG Guild Wars, there are two skills which reference the All your Base phenomenon: "For Great Justice!", and "Make your Time".
    * In the game Age of Mythology, the Laser Bear unit (created by entering O CANADA as a cheat code) has "All your base are belong to us" as a basic description.
    * In the game Star Wars Battlefront 2, allied Stormtroopers may say "All your base are belong to us!" when entering battle.
    * In the game RuneScape, talk to one of the ghosts from the Ghostly Robes mini-quest while not wearing a Ghostspeak Amulet. Your character will respond to their incomprehensible woo-ing with lines like "We get signal" and "All your base are belong to us."
    * In the expansion pack Yuri's Revenge for video game Red Alert 2, during one of the Soviet campaign missions, Yuri mentions, "Soon, all of the bases will belong to me," while threatening the player with his Psychic Dominator weapon.
    * In the game Halo: Combat Evolved on one of the options select screen there is an image with almost uninterpretable captions; one of which is "All your base are belong to us".
    * In the freeware online adventure game The Terrific Menace of the Invaders from Audiogalaxy, Empi3 (the "hero" of the game) is involved in the plans of taking over the world by a group of aliens and kidnapped to their spaceship. On the UFO, in the Control Room, there is a big computer: when the player turns on the computer, the phrase "ALL YOUR BASE BELONG TO US" appears on the main screen. Here you can find a screenshot.
    * On March 31st ,2001 in the MMORPG Asheron's Call an event took place where a group of creatures invaded and occupied a town in game. The message that announced the invasion was: "All your filthy human hovel are belong to us!".
    * In Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan, one of the missions is called All Your Base.
    * In Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, sound file tm1_objective_all2 states "All your base are belong to us." It is not heard in the game.
    * In Sega's Phantasy Star Universe a variation of this phrase is spoken by a newly created CAST (android) who's language program has not fully developed. When she speaks, you will notice her grammar is not correct. In the first dialogue bubble she says, "All your future are belong to us." Then on mission 4 in the story mode, the CAST Sheena will say "All your missions are belong to us!" Later, in mission 8, she says "I heard somebody set us up the important mission.", shortly followed by "You know what you doing. Take off every Holy Light."
    * In the Dune level in Conker: Live and Reloaded, near a respawn at the Tediz base, reads All your base are belong to us
    * In the Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour modification ShockWave, the GLA Demolition General's Fundamentalist occasionally shouts "All your base are belong to us!" whenever he is selected. This line was found available in the original unmodded game files and was not used in the released version of Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour itself.
    * In the game Contact for the Nintendo DS, when the main character is searching for the third crystal in the army base, the professor occasionally makes the statement "I wish a base like this belonged to us"
    * In Megaman Battle Network 6 if the player installs Humour in the Navi Customizer and presses the L button while in Seaside Town, in one of the jokes Megaman will say "For great justice!"
    * In SOCOM: U.S. NAVY SEALs online, if on the map Blizzard, the SEALs successfully destroy the terrorists' base 3 consecutive rounds, the voice of HQ will say "Mission Failed: All your base are belong to us."
    * In the Spider-man 2 game, When fighting Mysterio/Quentin Beck for the second time, he says "You have no chance to survive, make your time!"
    * In the online RPG AdventureQuest, after completing Zorbak and Safirias Challenge Zorbak says "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!!!"

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